Monday, March 28, 2005

RSS Effect on Email Marketing

David Daniels, JupiterResearch, wrote an article on about his recent research that looked at the effects RSS will have on email marketing. David states that RSS will not be immediately effective as an alternative to email marketing. He goes on to point out two main factors that RSS will have to cope with: RSS spam and Personalization. Since RSS is a low-cost medium with no significant economic or regulatory barriers that we will see spammers taking over the RSS channel like they did with the email channel. He also gives a couple points that RSS personalization is not as easy as personalization in email newsletters.

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  1. m0nstermike3:23 PM

    I dug a few levels deep on Daniels' comments on RSS spam, and find it to be a much more theoretical (low cost = abuse) than practical threat. Unlike e-mail, RSS subscription is a passive optin -- I point my aggregator to your feed, and I view your content. Certainly advertising will make its way into RSS feeds, but the user controls the entire relationship at this point, so if they object they can merely drop the feed. Nobody can scam them into entering a relationship whereby unwanted messages can be delivered permanently. Given that, for those who do not currently use segmentation or do not do segmentation on a complex level, RSS is an excellent means to get direct and trusted communication with audiences.