Saturday, October 28, 2006

Canadian Q3 Email Trends

Canadian firm, Card Communications, released their 3Q Email Trend Report. Here are some pf their findings:
  • Smaller lists achieve higher deliverability, open and click through rates
  • Non-profit organizations and associations enjoy the best results industry wide
  • event planning achieved high open and click throug rates but lagged in deliverability

Email Experience Council Releases Preliminary Survey Results

The Email Experience Council ( EEC ) released some preliminary results from their recent Deliverability Roundtable survey. The ECC is going to use this data to set some standards in the areas of bounce management and more. Here are some of those results:
  • 20% of respondents are using a combination of internal email systems and ESPs with limited, to no coordination between the two platforms.
  • 65% of respondents are not tracking whether their email is being delivered to the inbox or spam folder.
  • 10% of respondents admit that they are not removing bouncebacks (hard or soft) from their list.
They hope to have the final results out in a few weeks.

Leveraging Behavioral Targeting for Your Email Marketing

Jeff Daniels, JupiterResearch, released a new report called, "The Connected Click-Through". The report looked at how email marketers are using their web analytics program to imporve their behavioral targeting. The report found:
  • 15% actively use Web sile click stream behavior as an audience segmentation attribute
  • 21% of marketers are planning to implement this kind of behavioral targeting in the next 12 months

The report also notes that there are some obstacles in implementing behavioral study into email marketing.

  • Lack of staff expertise
  • Lack of resources
  • Web analytics vendors do not provide integration for easy use and movement of data between applications

Friday, October 20, 2006

Our Own 300 Millionth Baby

I have been away for a bit due to my wife having our baby (who we consider the 300 millionth baby born in the U.S.). Andrew Brennan was born 10/17/2006. We are so excited and tired! Consider this our virutal baby announcement.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Add Opt-In to PPC Landing Page

EmailLabs posted an short article, "Add Opt-In to PPC Landing Pages to Boost ROI". They suggest to include an email opt-in invitation on each PPC landing page to capture your most motivate shoppers and browsers. They propose that you sell your opt-in with 10 words or less so not to distract the visitor from the landing page offer.

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