Friday, October 23, 2009

Twitter Stats Pew / Internet Fall 2009

Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new study, Twitter and Status Updating, Fall 2009. The study provides some interesting facts about Twitter users.

Online U.S. adults using Twitter or another service to share updates
  • 1 in 5 (19%)

Online adults that have said they have used Twitter or another status update service:

  • 33% - 18 to 29 yrs old
  • 22% - 30 to 49 yrs old
  • 9% - 50 to 64 yrs old
  • 4% - 65 and older

Household income levels across users is pretty even.

  • 22% - Less than $30,000
  • 21% - $30,000 - $49,999
  • 20% - $50,000 - $74,999
  • 20% - More than $75,000

The median age of Twitter users is 31 compared to Myspace (26), Facebook (33) and LinkedIn (39).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twitter List Beta Now Live

Twitter has started to roll out Twitter Lists. A Twitter List allows you to group people into lists. You can set these Twitter Lists to private or public and each list sits on its own domain (i.e. Here are some additional screenshots.

You will now see the number of lists you have been added to on your public facing profile.

You now have link to each of your lists that you have created in the right-hand column, right above Trends.
You can go to your Follower list and easily add one of your Followers to a Twitter List. You can even visit a user's profile and add them to a Twitter List from their as well.

Once you create a Twitter List you have the ability to search by username or from your Follower list to add the individual to your Twitter List.

You have the ability to name your Twitter List. Just note that the name of the list becomes part of the URL for the particular Twitter List. You can also set the Twitter List to public or private.

The beta message to create a Twitter List.

TwitterFeed Goes Real Time

TwitterFeed is a tool that allows you to automatically post your blog to your Twitter account. I have been using it for several of my clients over the past year or so to publish their feeds to their Twitter accounts. It has had some relability issues, but TwitterFeed just announced that they have implemented a new architecture designed to handle the large number of posts they publish on a daily basis. With this upgrade they have annouced several additional improvements for their service.
  • Provide real time publishing for TypePad and Blogger blogs.

  • Real time publishing will be coming soon to Wordpress.

  • Provides the ability to post your Facebook status to Twitter.

  • Has Google Analytics integration that allows you to add tracking parameters to the feed.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twitter Implements Duplicate Post Filter

Twitter recently implemented a new filter that prevents you from creating duplicate posts. TechCruch first reported it in their Cleaning Up the Stream; Twitter Kills Duplicate Tweets. It looks to be a 24 hour filter that will prevents the individual from reposting an exact copy of one of their previous Tweets. When this happens Twitter deletes the new message and displays a "Duplicate Text" message. However there is a loop hole that I found in that you can post from a third-party app, like TweetDeck, and then repost the exact same post through the Twitter site.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tweleted - Find Deleted Tweets

A co-worker and myself got into a whole discussion about how people are leaving a digital footprint that you can never delete. He mentioned to me that even if you "deleted" a tweet that others can still find it on the Internet. He then proceeded to show me some of his old tweets that he "deleted" on a site called Tweleted. Tweleted scans the last couple of hundred tweets for a particular user and displays these so called "deleted" tweets. So just because you deleted something on the Internet does not always mean it was really deleted.