Friday, March 25, 2005

How Not To Opt-Out

Derek Harding released an article on that talks about some of the no-no’s when creating an opt-out process for your enewsletter.
  • Don’t ask for unnecessary information
  • Don’t be a nit-picker. Your system should be smart enough to figure out if I misspelled “unsubscribe” as “unsiscribe”.
  • Don’t erect roadblocks (i.e. require someone to log in before they can unsubscribe).
  • Don’t need a double confirmation when unsubscribing.
  • Let the recipient choose which enewsletter to unsubscribe too. Also give the recipient a choice on how frequent they would like to be contacted.
  • Handle the removal in real time.
  • If an error occurs during the unsubscribe process… fail gracefully.
  • Send a confirmation notice with a link so that the recipient can resubscribe in the future.

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