Friday, June 17, 2005

MSN Hotmail to Implement Sender ID Warnings

Bigfoot Interactive notes that MSN Hotmail will "activate visual
warnings in the MSN Hotmail User Interface (UI) on email in which the
Sender ID Framework (SIDF) cannot verify authentication".

Bigfoot Interactive goes on to say, "It is important to note that next
week's implementation will apply to email senders that published SPF
records which fail the SIDF check, due to a lack of matching between
the IP address and domain or due to an SPF record publishing error.
Email that fails the SIDF check will receive a UI warning and/or may
be placed in the junk folder or blocked altogether based on the
sender's reputation and other anti-spam and anti-phishing heuristics.
In addition, it is anticipated that by year-end, Microsoft plans to
expand the visual UI warning to email that does not have a published
record at all. Finally, we expect that "failed" SIDF checks and email
without SPF records will face further scrutiny at MSN Hotmail.

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