Thursday, January 20, 2005

Email Deliverability Improvement Tactics

A recent article on Clickz revealed 13 tactics and approaches that increase the likelihood your recipient will get, and consider opening, your email messages:
  • A well-executed double opt –in approach will likely capture 80 percent or more of the subscribers and provide additional benefits (cleaner lists, audit trail, higher quality list).
  • No prechecked boxes. A lack of affirmative consent leads to lower-value subscribers/customers, reduces customer trust, lowers response rates, and potentially hurts the brand.
  • Visible “update email address or preferences” link.
  • A recognize, expected, consistent sender name.
  • You want your message to be easily, immediately categorized as “recognized and wanted.” It helps to brand your subject and reinforce it in the sender name.
  • Ensure copy is creative and compelling but doesn’t trigger spam filters or get delayed by users who confuse your message with spam.
  • A message content checker is a decent indicator of potential problems that may have gone unrecognized by the marketing teal.
  • Understand the different kinds of filters and content that are high risk.
  • Always send proofs of your message to yourself, coworkers, and, if possible, a large seed list.
  • The more relevant and personalized a message, the better the chance it will be recognized by a subscriber, not missed or deleted.
  • Images instead of text. Certain content is contained in images rather than text. The approach has potential downsides, including image blocking, increased file size, slower loading, and potentially more work for the design/production team.
  • On sign up, clearly convey to subscribers the frequency, email type, content/purpose, and value proposition.
  • Send time.

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