Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lyris “Broken Email” Study

Lyris just released a new study, Broken Email, asking the participants to identify which emails appeared the most suspicious/untrustworthy. They presented ten email messages (7 – well known brands with properly-rendering HTML and text messages, 1 – Major brand that had rendered improperly, 2 – phishing scams) to each participant. Here are the findings:
  • 72% Identified the improperly rendered email from a major brand as the most suspicious
  • 11% Identified text emails from legitimate brands as the most suspicious
  • 10% Correctly identified phishing messages as the most suspicious
  • 7% Were not sure which messages were the most suspicious

Lyris did not provide the example emails with this study.

eINFO – a collection of articles and studies about email marketing.

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