Thursday, May 19, 2005

Static or Dynamic. Coke or Pepsi?

Derek Harding does a taste test of sorts between static and dynamic email response addresses. Derek points out the drawbacks to static versus dynamic reply addresses. He goes on to state that “it’s often impossible to determine which list member is responding”. Uh…would you not have their email address if they replied to you via email? Then he goes on to note that “it’s impossible to determine which campaign the response relates to”. More than likely most people will just hit the “reply” button in their email app, thus giving you the message subject. Any way he goes on to point out some drawbacks with dynamic reply addresses, such as; recipients can’t whitelist the address, get trapped in challenge/response systems, people are suspicious on any address they don’t recognize.

He ends up suggesting using a static sender address with a dynamic reply address. The funny thing is when I received this article today via email (from EmailLabs) it uses a dynamic from and reply address. Since they use a dynamic from address I can not have the email render the images automatically in Gmail and occasionally Gmail will push this into the Spam folder because of the dynamic addresses.

Off topic – I really do not understand how an email marketing newsletter from EmailLabs will not render correctly in Gmail. I still get some extraneous javascript, “'); document.write(var_ddd); } //-->” at the top of each newsletter they send. Unbelievable!

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