Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What is a Transactional Message?

Heather Palmer Goff, Director of ISP Relations and Deliverability for Responsys, explains what constitutes a transactional message in her latest article, Transactional Messages.
  • It facilitates, completes, or confirms a commercial transaction that the recipient has agreed to enter into with the sender.
  • It provides warranty information, product recall information, or safety or security information about a commercial product or service used or purchased by the recipient.
  • It provides any of the following, regarding a subscription, membership, account, loan, or comparable ongoing commercial relationship involving the ongoing purchase or use by the recipient of products or services offered by the sender:

    • Notification concerning a change in the terms
    • Notification of a change in the recipient’s standing or status
    • Regular periodic statement of account balance

  • It provides information directly related to an ongoing employment relationship or related benefit plan.
  • It delivers notice of goods or services, typically no-charge updates or upgrades to existing products, that the recipient is entitled to receive under the terms of a transaction that the recipient has entered into with the sender.

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