Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The ROI of Email Relevance

Responsys is providing a free copy of the JupiterResearch report, The ROI of Email Relevance. Here is the executive summary from JupiterResearch.

Few marketers rank relevance as a top-three e-mail marketing goal, even though it drives 60 percent of consumers who make immediate e-mail purchases. Tactics that improve relevance (e.g., life cycle marketing, behavioral targeting, triggering) deliver substantially higher improvements in revenue and net profits than do broadcast mailings.

Key Questions
  • What spurs consumers to purchase from e-mail?
  • How will the adoption of increasingly relevant targeting tactics impact the e-mail marketing industry?
  • Which types of targeting tactics and e-mail campaigns drive the greatest improvements in revenue and net profit?
  • Has the ability to efficiently use Web site clickstream data as a targeting attribute finally arrived?
  • Which lessons can be learned from early adopters of advanced targeting tactics?

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