Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How Critical is it to Personalize the Email Subject Line?

Melinda Krueger, The E-mail Diva over at Media Post, answers a question about how critical is it to personalize the email subject line. Melinda points to some testing that she has done concerning this topic. Melinda provides some interesting stats that back up the notion that personalizing the subject line affects open rates, click through rates and conversion rates. One reader of the Emial Insider blog ask how old the test results were. Melinda points out that the data was a year or more old.

I believe if your are not personalizing at least the subject line of your emails you are missing an opportunity to increase your open rates, click through rates and even your conversion rates.

One thing to remember, your data is only as good as the input. Watch out for the "fat fingers"!

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