Monday, June 26, 2006

9 Ways to Increase Your Email Click Rate

MailerMailer released a new article, "9 Ways to Increase Your Click Rates" in their latest email newsletter edition. The article provides nine tips on how to get your audience to click through your email into your website.
  1. Have a clear benefit assocaited with every link (i.e.: Get a money-saving coupon).
  2. Use teasers to get your audience to click to keep on reading what is on the "other side" of the link. (i.e.: Learn what Dromophbia is.)
  3. Provide a full URL versus an embedded link.
  4. Make your URL short and to the point with clear benefits.(i.e.:
  5. Be clear in what the recipient can expect once they've clciked the link. (i.e.: Read a helpful article about how you can save time)
  6. Have your links active up to six months after the newsletter has been published.
  7. Use temporary links to help create urgency to get your audience reading today. (i.e.: Start saving 20% now. Offer good until July 4.)
  8. Have the URL open into a new window so the recipient can easliy get back to your newsletter content. You will provide the opportunity for that person to click deeper into your website.
  9. Until people are completely ready to buy, they will not be likely to click through to a sales page. You will have more success by providing links to more information on your site. | Digg it | Furl | ma.gnolia
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