Sunday, March 19, 2006

10 Email Marketing Tips To Increase ROI

Barry Stamos, Senior Director of Strategy for Responsys, released an article, 10 Quick Wins for Email Marketing.

  1. Relevance - delivers more revenue improvemnt than broadcasting.
  2. Email Makeover - redesign your email template using best practices.
  3. Subscriptions - add a subscription sign up at every touch point.
  4. Automation - allows to improve efficiency and effectiveness from sales and service personnel.
  5. Integration - determine the optimal number and best channel mix to market to your customer.
  6. Segmentation - send the right message ot the right customer at the right time.
  7. Testing - know what works and what doesn't
  8. Experience - think about how you can gain visibility in the recipient's inbox.
  9. Reporting & Analysis - analyze individual behavior and campaign performance to accurately identify your highest value customers and most successful email campaigns.
  10. Delivery Audits - ensure that your emails are being delivered to the inbox

eINFO - a collection of articles and studies about email marketing.

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