Monday, November 22, 2004

How Marketers Reduce Spam Clutter

A recent study by TrueFire, Reveries determined that marketing professionals reduce spam by:
  • 35% use sam filters
  • 27% unsubscribe from unsoliciated email messages

DoubleClick reports most consumers reduce spam by:

  • 72% simply delete spam without reading it
  • 20% try to unsubscribe

This eMarketer article also mentioned 11 roadblocks facing permission e-mail marketing:

  1. ISP Blocking
  2. Blacklisting
  3. Creative limitations
  4. Image, link and HTML stripping
  5. E-mail reader compatability
  6. Rich Media being not compatiable with email
  7. Abuse Management
  8. Inaccurate bounced logs
  9. Best guess reporting
  10. Delivery delays
  11. Anti-spam compliance

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