Friday, February 04, 2005

MarketingSherpa – Lessons From

MarketingSherpa released an article (free access untile Feb. 13) talking about email practices from The article talks about how buys quality co-registration opt-ins, how they use co-branded sweepstakes to increase their email lists, how they measure opt-in name quality, and they talk about their use of RSS feeds.

One great tip they talk about is involuntary unsubscribing. They remove anyone who has not opened and/or clicked in the past 120 days. They then send a follow up letter explaining that the recipient has been unsubscribed and offer to put them back on the list.

The one thing marketers should know is that you can’t rely on just the “HTML Open” statistics. You should look at if the recipient has clicked on a link in the last 30, 60, 90 days before unsubscribing them from your lists. Most of the case studies that I have seen that talk about this method usually use 120 days as their cutoff point. Someone not clicking on a link in the last three months is a good indication that your newsletter is no longer relevant to them.

eINFO – a collection of articles and studies about email marketing.

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