Friday, December 03, 2004

Teaser Copy for Preview Panes and New Mail Notifiers

When a recipient opens an email in a preview pane and the images are blocked, chances are that they may see very little actual content. Ensure that your recipients can get a sense of the contents of your email at a quick glance. Try including some teaser copy at the very top of your email that is easily viewed in the preview pane.

In addition to preview panes, this teaser copy approach will also benefit “New Mail Notifiers”. Currently Outlook 2003 and Gmail have these Notifiers. When a new message arrives, the Notifier brings up a small slide-out window that displays details about the message: the sender’s name, subject line, and part of the message. So when the teaser copy is placed at the top of your email it will then display right after the subject line in these Notifiers.

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