Friday, August 04, 2006

Using Flash in Email Newsletters

In ChiefMarketers latest newsletter, E-Centric, they have a new article, “Tips for Dealing with Tough E-Zine Challenges”. The article had a good list of email marketing basics, until I got to the end. The last bullet point was:

Only Outlook can accept a Flash e-mail, so do not use it across all e-mail clients.”

This bullet point peaked my interest because I just had a co-worker ask me about embedding Flash into an email. I did a little research on using Flash in email newsletters. I found a great resource at Campaign Monitor blog. They did a thorough test on the major PC, Mac and web-based email environments.

Campaign Monitor found that support for Flash was only found in Mac Mail. One blog comment noted that the ActiveX control needs to be enabled for Flash to work in Outlook and Outlook Express.

Bottom line…Do not use Flash in your email newsletter. | Digg it | Furl | ma.gnolia

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