Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Case Study: Liberty Travel Honeymoon Emails

MarketingSherpa released their latest case study, “Travel Marketing Online – Lead Generation & Email Campaign” (open access until Aug 11). The case studies takes a look at how Liberty Travel used a co-registration site, TheKnot.com (remember Trump’s Apprentice – one of the teams used this same email list for one of the competitions) to market to Honeymooners.

Liberty Travel noted that the first email, sent from TheKnot.com, produced an open rate of 42%. The follow up auto-responders, sent from Liberty Travel, produced an open rate of only in the mid-upper teens. The case study notes that it is unrelated to the “from” brand, but I would think that TheKnot has a higher brand presence than Libety Travel.

The study also noted that short copy ruled. The long copy was edited by the travel agents and produced a higher sales closing rate.

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