Friday, March 12, 2010

Over 30 Percent of Twitter Accounts Never Tweet

A new study by Barracuda Networks, dubbed Twitter's Red Carpet Era, took a look at 19 million Twitter accounts to analyze frequency, user interaction, and overall activity of an account. The study produced some interesting stats on how people are using Twitter.
  • 34% of Twitter users have not tweeted since they created their account
  • 21% of Twitter users are classified as "True Twitter Users" (see study for definition)
  • 17% of Twitter users have zero followers
  • 36% of Twitter users have more followers than the accounts they are following
  • Users with an average of 1000 followers actually tweet the most compared to accounts with less than 100 followers or more than 100,000 followers
The study uses the term "Red Carpet Era" to denote the period between November 2008 and April 2009 when celebrities started to join Twitter. The study shows how the impact of celebrities coming on board helped propell Twitter to a 20% growth rate in April 2009. The average growth of Twitter is about 0.34% per month.

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  1. Good post I am surprised about the 34%