Friday, September 04, 2009

Twitter Click Tracking Being Implemented

Noticing today that Twitter has implemented click tracking on all links. I think this is part of their bigger plans for business accounts, but could also lead to some type of tracking report for all accounts. You will not notice the tracking link until after you click on a link, but go back and hover over the link and you will see the tracking URL. Here is an example:


So you will notice that it tracks the outbound link, the type of link (in this case from the Twitter web site), the specific Twitter post id, the account id and some sort of authenticity token.


  1. Just talked to somebody who attended AdTech and said that the whole industry is trying to figure out how to monetize "new media" (ie Twitter, FB, etc.) - I'd say that click tracking is the first step to doing so and to making Twitter more useful to businesses.

  2. Is there a way to generate a report on these links yet?