Monday, September 28, 2009

Tweetboard - A Twitter Sidewiki

The Twitter application, Tweetboard, acts as a "Twitter-power forum" for your web site. I like to equate it to the new Google sidewiki. It is a sidebar tab that flies out to display your site's latest tweets and then proceeds to thread any conversations. Tweetboard also provides the ability to post a comments to the forum as well as notify the visitor of any new Tweets since their last visit to your site. Tweetboard tries to be real time, but they state that updates could take up to one minute.

My big concern was how much coding would I have to do to install this application and will it work for my site. The makers of Tweetboard made their application platform independent. It is also lightweight as it is only one small line of JavaScript code.

Currently Tweetboard is in private Alpha, but you will need to request an invite through a Tweet from your account. The application is also free and has a knowledgebase to assist in installing the application on several of the major blogging platforms.

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  1. Anonymous4:35 AM

    I love tweetboard, but would be careful in comparing it to google sidewiki, sidewiki has a lot of dangers to webmasters.

    - it separates the comments from the site.
    - it only works for google toolbar users.

    Tweetboard does the opposite.

    - it brings conversation from twitter to your site.
    - it works in any modern browser.
    - there is no additional technology needed.

    Since Tweetboard Alpha 2 the real time has really been real time and I mean to the second and in my opinion this is amazing.