Friday, November 21, 2008

Tweet4Good - Donate Via Twitter / Fundraising Through Twitter

Today a Tweet came across asking for help in finding a kidney donor match for the daughter of @domesticdiva (read blog). In a Re-Tweet, @Bofu2U said,"Everyone tweeting about @domesticdiva do we have any donation information? If I can't donate a kidney I'd at least donate some cash." I thought that was a novel idea and did some searching to see if there was a way to donate through Twitter. I quickly came across the site, tweet4good. This service allows you to donate through Twitter by having you follow @tweet4good. If you tweet the organization or cause you would like to donate to, they will send you a direct message with a link to Network For Good. On Network For Good, you will be able to donate through their shopping cart. Now they do charge a fee, but they state that they use the money to train and support over 50,000 nonprofits in their fundraising efforts. Nonprofits can leverage this service to solicit donations through Twitter as well.

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  1. This is a really great link, thanks for sharing!