Thursday, November 20, 2008

7 Places To Syndicate Your Twitter Feed

I was reading up on Reputation Management and came across a resource,, to manage your online profiles. As I was going through the list of online profile sites there were a couple that I found where you can actually syndicate your Twitter feed.

  1. Facebook - The Twitter Facebook App (good tutorial) will pull in your status updates from Twitter.
  2. FriendFeed - Another social network where you can import your Twitter feed. While you do not receive any link love, you still have the opportunity to share your Tweets with your friends on this network.
  3. LinkedIn - This professional networking site now provides the ability to incorporate your Twitter feed right into your profile. Just note that you have to list your Twitter URL as one of your "Websites" in order to use the "Blog Link" application. A visitor will not be able to see this feed on your profile unless they are logged into LinkedIn.
  4. MyBlogLog - This social networking site allows you to managed your online profiles, including Twitter. Once you add your Twitter information, it will pull your feed onto your profile page. The links within the posts are dofollows as well as the link to your Twitter page.
  5. Plaxo - This site allows you to pull in your Twitter feed here as well. They provide dofollow links to your Twitter page, but they nofollow the links within the post itself.
  6. Tumblr - A hosted blogging solution will pull in your Twitter feed as a daily aggregated post. The blog will provide dofollow links within the Twitter posts.
  7. Yahoo!360 - The profile page on Yahoo!360 allows you to add RSS feeds to your profile page. No link love here. All of the links redirect, but you still have an opportunity to share your Tweets with your friends on this network.

Also do not forget to submit your Twitter feed to RSS directories as well. Here are a couple of strong RSS directories: Feedage, RSS2, Feedest, RSSMotron, and Feedagg.


  1. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Great post! I've found FriendFeed to be more and more appealing as it can grab almost ALL of my feeds!

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Great info, thanks for sharing this!

  3. Cool. In addition to this I am interested in syndicating my blog. You have show me that you can use LinkedIn creatively, and I've found recently that will allow one to syndicate their blog there. Does anyone have a list of places to do this?
    BTW; this is a nice list.