Monday, February 27, 2006

Case Study: HP's "Technology At Work" Email Marketing Program

Forrester's Shar VanBoskirk, released a new B2B email marketing best practice. The report is title, B2B Email Marketing Best Practices: Hewlett-Packard. From the Executive Summary:

"B2B firms are aggressively moving more money into email marketing. But badly targeted, irrelevant business emails irk customers, don't generate sales or satisfaction, and can tarnish customers' perception of a once-trusted brand. Built gradually over the last five years, Hewlett Packard's (HP's) "Technology At Work" email newsletter provides a good model for B2B marketers planning to start an email program or those looking to advance an existing program to the next level. Because of its emphasis on deep customer research, relentless testing, and continual improvement, "Technology At Work" influences over $100 million in revenue and saves millions more in defrayed customer service costs."

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