Thursday, December 01, 2005

How To Engage New And Reactivate Old Subscribers

EmailLabs’ latest newsletter points to an article, Combat List Inactivity by Older Opt-Ins, that provides several tips to help engage your new email subscribers as well as reactivating your old email subscribers.
  • Send a welcome message right away to your new subscribers.
  • After mailing out your first or second newsletter, consider sending a quick survey to see if the newsletter met the recipient’s needs and expectations.
  • Capture demographic information and interests during the sign up process and then develop and send personalized messages based on that information.
  • Survey all list members, asking them to rate your content, design, offers, etc.
  • Determine which subject lines, articles and offers drive the highest open and click-trough-rates and then align your future message content accordingly.
  • Segment out readers who have not opened or clicked in several months to a year and send them a special reactivation offer, along with an invitation to unsubscribe.
  • Add dynamic content that reflects past buying behavior or content interests.
  • Streamline your unsubscribe process.
  • Invite anyone who has been on the list for a year or more to opt-in again, and include an unsubscribe link for those who want out but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Additonal Resource Article: 12 Tip for Targeting Inactive Subscribers

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