Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Survey Finds 44 Percent of Respondents Have Trouble Finding Email

ZyLab released results from its email management survey of government agencies. The survey findings reveal that, although government employees heavily rely on email as their primary way of communication and for getting their jobs done, many employees still don’t adequately back-up or effectively manage their emails. Here are some of their other findings:
  • 100 percent of respondents believe that email should be considered "official records", 44 percent claimed to have trouble locating emails – even though they are considered records.
  • 65 percent noted they did not have an email policy in place.
  • 59 percent have implemented a specific email solution to help manage the growing number of emails.
  • 54 percent back up their email on a daily basis.
  • 24 percent never back up their email.
  • 65 percent of the respondents claim to receive 50+ emails daily, 24 percent receive 26-49 emails daily, and 11 percent receive 25 or less per day.

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