Friday, December 18, 2009

TWITin by Buzzom - Twitter Account Managment Tool

I came across a Twitter account management tool called TWITin by Buzzom. This free tool allows you to manage you Twitter followers and offers several tools to help you grow your follower count. When you first log into the tool, the TWITin dashboard will display users that will most likely follow you back. It looks like most of the suggested users have a 1 to 1 follow ratio. The interface allows you to easily select all of the users or to pick and choose which ones you would like to start to follow.

The second tool they offer is the Flush. The Flush tool allows you to unfollow users who are not following you. You need to be careful to not go and follow a bunch of people ( i.e. 2000) and mass unfollow them and then repeat these steps. Twitter may suspend your account. You really want to throttle this. would be a better solution as it allows you to set the maximum number users to unfollow at a rate of 4 to 100 users per day.

The third tool they offer is the People Search. I really like this tool as it allows you to search bios, location, or recent tweets by keyword. This acts in the similar fashion as Twitter's search feature, but gives you the ability to easily follow the users.

The tool also offers a Feed Management section that allows you to post feeds to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This tool provides the options to post up to 30 entries, set the post interval rate, allow you to repeat the post X amount of times per day, as well as add a signature to the tweet.

Finally, the Cross Follow tool allows you to find people who are following a particular Twitter account and provides the ablility to mass follow all of their followers. This could be a good tool to find like minded consumers that may share an interest in you product or service.

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