Monday, December 28, 2009

Screenr - Instant Screencast for Twitter

I came across this cool free service from that allows you to create a screencast and post it to Twitter. The Screenr program allows you five minutes of recording, pre-set or custom screen size capturing, integrated audio, and a bookmarklet to record anytime. Each screencast sits on an individual URL and the service provides you the embed code to share the screencast. The service provides a reTweet function to send the link out, but fails to capture the Twitter conversation.  I found the Screenr program easy to use and I did not need to download any software.

Here is a quick example of one of my screencasts from Screenr,

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  1. I checked this out. Screenr seems to be a nice tool. Looks like this tool is going to have a lot of scope in the coming days. Btw, I do tweet all my posts in order to gather a few links to my posts. Now all these additional tools will help me even more.

    Thanks for the information..