Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Toolkits - Twitter Lists for Twitter Apps

The web site,, is a well known repository of the best Twitter tools and Twitter apps. They recently announced a new featured called Toolkits. Toolkits are a way to create lists of your favorite Twitter tools and apps. These Toolkits are community driven and allow their members to bundle the best tools and apps for particular business or social functions. has highlighted a couple of these lists.
The idea is pretty neat, but I think that should have developed these Toolkits and had the community vote on the best tools or apps for each ToolKit theme. One can already see that these Toolkits can get pretty redundant and there will be a lot of competing Toolkits. does provide a list of  "trending" Toolkits to help sift through the clutter. Currently there are about 60 Toolkits already created in the last 48 hours. Be sure to check out my own Toolkit, Brent Nau's Essential Twitter Tools.

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