Friday, May 29, 2009

Why You Need to Modify Your @ Reply

On May 11 Twitter removed the ability to see @ replies from your Followers to another Follower that you do not currently follow (confused?). If I followed @someone and @someone replied to @sometwo I will no longer receive the Tweet from @someone in my Twitter stream since I myself do not follow @sometwo. There was quite an uproar about the removal of this reply setting. It was a great way to find and connect with new people as well as gain additional followers. This is only affected when the @ reply is at the beginning of the Tweet. There has been a trend of using the ".@" reply so that everyone sees your replies. It is recommended that you use the ".@" reply until Twitter remedies the issue.

Read the blog threads on the official Twitter blog about this issue.


  1. The thing about "not" using the reply button, OR putting anything in front of the @whoever text in the status box, is you "break" the thread that made the conversation. So, if you reply to someone, you don't see (unless you click through to the profile of the person you aren't following) what the reply is being made to.

    Add your voice in favor of returning the CHOICE for all @replies

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave