Thursday, April 16, 2009

Twitter Local Directory List

Even though Twitter allows people to network with other people from around the globe, there is an emerging demand for local networking. While local social networking on Twitter is starting to pickup steam I did some quick research in locating Local Twitter Directories.

GeoFollow is a location based Twitter directory that allows users to search by city, state, zip, country, tag, name, username, or keyword. The site suggests to get listed early, so your profile will be listed higher for your particular city and state. Note that the Twitter profile link and the bio link are NoFollows.

Loaded Web's Local Twitter Directory is another local Twitter directory that serves the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The current directory lists 1300 twitters from the United States. At the city and individual level, the site pulls in the top Hashtags as well as the top URLs being tweeted in the last week and for the month. Note that the links on this site are NoFollowed.

LocalTweeps features local Twits from the United States and Canada. The local directory results provide a DoFollow profile and bio link.

WeFollow directory (started by Digg's Kevin Rose) allows users to tag themselves with a city. As this is one of the more popular Twitter directories there seems to be a fair amount of users tagging themselves by city. The site does provide a DoFollow profile and bio link, but removes links from the profiles lastest Tweet.

Twitr is a clone of the WeFollow directory. You can leverage this directory by adding a city tag. Looking at a sample of users, most do not tag themselves with a city. So the validity of this directory for local networking may not be effective. The site does provide a DoFollow profile and bio link.

Twibs is considered a Twitter business directory, but the search feature allows one to search by city and state. This site does provide a DoFollow profile and bio link.

Twellowhood by provides a search feature that allows users to search by location. Currently Twellowhood includes only United States and Canada in their local Twitter directory. The site provides a DoFollow profile and bio link as well as social profile links.

Other Local Twitter Sites

ChirpCity provides the latest tweets from cities around the United States.

CityTweets provides "near" real-time tweets from and about individual cities. They only have around 23 cities listed from the United States, Japan and Brazil. They do allow you to grab their source code to create your own CityTweets.

TwitterLocal, while not a local Twitter directory, it is a desktop tool that allows you to watch Twitter streams based on a specific radius around a particular location.

On a side note, Lee Odden wrote a nice post on the Top 12 Twitter Directories to Find Brands and Companies on Twitter. Worth the read.


  1. Hey Brent - Thanks for including in your list of local Twitter directories. We just released a "localtweeps status" feature that allows people who are listed to include #LT in any tweet and it will be displayed with their listing. It's a great way to get locally relevant information out to folks in your city and ZIP. More enhancements are in the works. Check it out!

  2. Hey Brent! thanks for the post..finding it usefull...cheers!!